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We are convinced that everyone can study music.
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The first lesson is absolutely free! This does not oblige you to anything. When you like it, keep doing
Our teachers
Each teacher has work experience over 3 years.
We carefully select teachers and monitor the quality of training.
Katerina Petuhova
Piano and Saxophone
Piano, blockflute lessons for kids from 3 years old, saxophone from 5 years
Inna Wright
Piano and Music Theory
Piano lessons for kids from 3 years old
Ilya Beliy
Guitar, uculele, el.guitar
Guitar, uculele from 3 years old
Anastasia Dobryvecher
Vocal lessons
Mary Soboleva
Drums lessons
Karina Protsenko
Piano and Vocal
Anna Krupelnitska
Guitar and Uculele
Inna Yakovenko
Violin lessons for kids from 4 years
Andrii Redchyts
Piano, Music Composition
The cost of classes of the basic category of teachers. Get a discount of about -20% when buying a membership card
30 minutes
Most suitable for children, especially in the first months of training
45 minutes
For those who have already studied and are serious about learning
60 minutes
For those with an advanced study program and major works

How nice to read good reviews! And especially from our students and their parents (:
Thanks to "Gloria" for the opportunity to practice on Skype. This is a great opportunity to learn how to play without leaving your home. Classes are held positively and effectively, administrators will always remind you of the lesson, if you have been dreaming :)
Thanks to online activities, we continue to study even under these quarantine conditions! The whole family gets a lot of positive emotions, children do home concerts!
It's good that we study online. After all, this is a great opportunity not to stand still and develop further. But of course, live communication is not a substitute for this.
The great advantage of doing online classes is that not only children are engaged in drums now, the whole family knows the basics of drumming. And even the neighbors :)
Honestly, I do not notice a big difference between classes at the academy and online. In some ways, even more comfortable at home. The results are good, there is more time to exercise.
Get your first lesson for Free
The first lesson is absolutely free! This does not oblige you to anything. When you like it, keep doing
How to start studying at the Music Academy Online?
All you need to do is just sign up for a test lesson! Our administrator will contact you and clarify all the nuances, help you choose a teacher, subject and lesson schedule.
How to choose a lesson duration?
For children who are just starting to make music, we recommend lessons of 30 minutes. For children of school age and adults - 45 minutes each. If you are already a serious musician, then 60 minutes will be useful for you.
How often do I need to take lessons?
The best option is 2 lessons per week. If you have a very busy schedule, you can do it once a week and find time to do your homework. Many students now study 3 times a week and have very good results!
Can I practice different instruments?
Many of our students practice several instruments, this is a great opportunity to try yourself! For preschoolers, we can combine piano and vocals in one lesson. Children really like it!
Do I have to buy an expensive musical instrument right away?
Now there is a very large selection of good tools in an inexpensive price segment. Thanks to the development of technology and production, there are inexpensive guitars, keyboards and wind instruments with good sound, which are quite suitable for beginners.
Will you help me learn musical notes?
Yes! We will be happy to help you learn the notes and learn to play them whatever you want! You can even write notes of your own music!
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